Family Organisation

With the school year about to begin again, one topic I would like to touch on is family organisation.

Having a system for being able to keep up to date with all the appointments, due dates, activities and school events is so important. How many times have you missed important dates, or miscommunicated with your partner about an appointment time or handed in a permission form late?!

Research has found that children who are included in weekly planners are more organised, show greater responsibility and are better at delayed gratification. Children are less likely to get combative about not going to friend’s house NOW when they can see that it is scheduled for tomorrow morning. And it takes away the element of surprise, they can see that the dreaded haircut is going to happen on Tuesday so they can mentally prepare for it. Children like to know what is about to happen and this makes them feel safe and secure.

There is no right or wrong way or have this information displayed. Some families use a pin up board, some a white board and others use a family calendar. However you plan to do it is fine, as long as you can clearly see who has what on each day. Our family uses a couple of different things. We have a small whiteboard on the fridge, and we write down what we are all doing each day. My children also have their own school whiteboard where they can write their timetables, when assignments are due, when notes are due, etc.