Bedtime Stories

Bed time with toddlers is something that a huge amount of parents struggle with. It can be stressful, drawn out and can quickly become an unpleasant experience for both parent and child! This is not a good way to end each day and can leave us feeling emotionally exhausted.

One of the best ways to combat this is to create a bedtime routine that leaves your child relaxed, calm and ready to sleep. There is no set routine that works for everyone and no right or wrong bedtime routine. It all depends on how much time you have each evening to set aside for establishing a routine. However one important step that I feel is so important, and often skipped over, is a bedtime story.

Bedtime stories have a huge amount of positive impacts for yourself and your child. By incorporating a story into your child’s bedtime routine it can create an atmosphere that is conducive to sleep and leaves your child feeling tired. It also broadens their vocabulary, improves speech and listening skills, helps to lengthen children’s attention span, encourages creativity and improves emotional regulation.

A bedtime story also has the added benefit of being able to spend a few minutes one-on-one with your child to leave them feeling loved and treasured. Story time creates the ideal environment to bond with your child, particularly if you have more than one child or have a busy lifestyle.