What we do

A little about what we do…

Hi, I’m Aliesha, the creator of Q and A Parenting. I just wanted to jump online and tell you a little more about what I aim to do through Q and A Parenting. Mostly it’s about helping parents get through some tough times, both developmentally for your child and for you as a parent. There are so many times when my children were young that I thought “is this normal?” or “why is she doing this?” and especially “what am I doing wrong? Is it me?”. I don’t want other parents to blame themselves, wonder where they went wrong or to not understand their children’s behaviour.

I am passionate about helping you understand WHY your child is showing this behaviour and HOW you can help them (and yourself!).  My past experience of working with children in early intervention and my studies of Psychology has really helped me get to the bottom of why different behaviours occur and what we can do to help change these behaviours. Generally, it is a case of simply changing our behaviour or the environment. I say “simply” because the changes are small changes that make a big impact but the hardest part is being consistent. The changes may be simple but staying consistent when your child is upset, frustrated and not eager about going along with our changes is HARD! No-one wants to see their child upset, its genetically ingrained in us to avoid making our child upset but…. It is ok! Your child is ok, they are simply expressing themselves and this is a time when they need your support and guidance the most. They do not see anyting wrong with having a poor diet, or not getting enough sleep, but we as adults, can. And it’s up to us to guide them and support them so they can live a long and happy life.

I feel that in order to best help you, I need to be there when the issue arises, I need to observe exactly what is happening and what changes need to be made. This is why Q and A Parenting offers a service that comes to you, at a time when you need the most support and guidance. So, in summary, Q and A Parenting is about giving the right support and guidance to parents and to let them know that it will be OK. Your child will be OK and you will be OK, no matter how difficult it may seem right now!