Parenting Consultant offering practical parenting advice

Managing challenging behaviour

Tantrums | Defiance | Fussiness | Whining | Hurting others

Difficulties with sleep

Waking through the night | Not sleeping in their bed | Trouble getting to sleep | Waking too early

Child's development milestones

Delayed development | Activities to stimulate devlopment

Nutrition and fussy eating

Fussy eating | Limited diet | Over or Under weight

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At Q and A Parenting, I am passionate about helping you understand your child’s behaviour and supporting you to make lasting changes. I focus on three common areas; tantrums and big emotions, fussy eating and sleep issues. 

As a parenting consultant, I offer flexible services to suit each families needs. This includes in home consultations, online or phone consultations and group sessions for playgroups, mothers groups and day care centres.

"Aliesha has such a beautiful nature with children. She helped me with strategies for behaviours my daughter was displaying and it has made me feel more confident as a parent."
"Aliesha has helped guide me throughout my parenting journey and has offered practical, supportive advice."

Experience and Qualifications

years of experience working with children and their families, including in early intervention services and early childhood development centres
Over 0
qualifications and acreditations including Bachelor of Science (psychology), diploma of children's development, sleep training certificate, accredited 1,2,3 magic provider and more

Servicing all areas of the Perth metropolitan area